Moon shine in and our temperaments

Hi family, about to get into bed and wrap up the weekend but before I felt inspire to write. I am breaking one of my strictest rules, which is to bring the computer into bed. The reason for this rule is that I feel like the computers and the cellphones make our brains active and then when it is time to sleep, our brain cannot shut down. Also, if I do not have devices in my resting space I feel like I can train my body to understand that the bedroom is the resting space and not a working or active brain space. (Note on this: I am publishing this post the next day and I can say that I had a bit of a hard time falling asleep after writing this).  This being said, I am breaking my rule right now. I am working on being more flexible and flow with life. Especially now that our baby boy has born, things have an ever changing structure, so I need to go adapting as things happen. So, I am letting myself break my own rules and I felt like writing in bed now and I just did it. Currently the bedroom feels like a capsule, sailing through space. We have a big window facing East and today is full moon, so the moon is brightly shining in. I feel like I am writing in space which is pretty cool and inspirational. Also, I am listening to a chillout station in Youtube from Rotterdam. And last, to trick the brain that I am not in the computer I set Word and Chrome to night mode which makes everything black so there is not bright light shining into the room. I really like it.

2019-01-20 19.10.05_Moon light.jpg
2019-01-20 21.24.40_Computer all black.jpg

Today we had a chilled-out day, with Elyssa visiting us and Paco in the morning and then going for a really nice, chilly and sunny walk in the forest with all the family including Lupe. She loves these walks because she can go leash free. We were soaking up the sun which was really nice, especially during the grey Dutch winters. I have been reading how good the sun is for us and how it regulates out our entire bodily function. Like with a lot of things, we have become a culture that fears the sun due to the potential skin issues it can bring. Based on my intuition and what I am reading, the sun provides us much more good than bad. Just wear a hat if it is to sunny and you are going to be out for a long time. But don’t forget to soak up the sun. It is good for you.

In the evening we had dinner and after listened to the Medicine stories podcast where we learned something super interesting from herbalist Rebecca Altman.  She says that all people are composed of 4 different temperaments: Choleric, Phlegmatic, Sanguine and Melancholic. Choleric is aligned with the Fire element which is driven, intense and forward moving amongst other qualities. Phlegmatic is aligned with the Water element which is adaptive, empathic and energy transmitter amongst other qualities. Sanguine is aligned with the Air element which is swift, ever moving and light amongst other qualities. And Melancholic is aligned with the Earth element which is slow (compared to us), stable and structured amongst others. We are all mixture of all of these as we are of the elements. We all might have more of one temperament than the other. The interesting point from the talk is that currently our society is created by and value more the choleric temperament which symbolize productivity and efficiency in our society. This is a way of existence, but it also does not allow space for the other temperaments to thrive. At the end of the day it does not matter what society is build-up of or what it cherishes, what is important is to understand ourselves. If we are more melancholic, we should let ourselves approach life in a slower pace. This way we will be more content. If we are Phlegmatic we can be ever changing and adapting. If we are Sanguine we can be swift and be moving all the time and if we are choleric we can be driven and move forward.

Just remember that we are all these elements and these temperaments, and a balance needs to be created for all of use to coexist in harmony. Let’s keep on learning about ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters and how we connect to Mother Earth and all the elements.

Happy Moony Sunday everyone.