Following Evolution

Welcome everyone to this journey! I writing and creating to let the expressive and creative part of me manifest itself, to maintain the balance in my existence. Another purpose of the writing is to share different perspectives of our day to days to empower and inspire ourselves to give our life gift to the world! We all have it in us. Shine your light.

People that know me might ask why Naya Supercamp? There is no mystery. It is just the name my creative side picked.

Supercamp is a combination of both my last names Campbell and Supervielle. I embraced this name a while ago. I like it because I am actually a combination of both my parents that have those last names. Talking with a friend about this name reminded me of a book that changed my life, “Into the Wild”, where Chris McCandless goes on a journey to discover Life outside of social norm and societal structures. In the journey he uses the name Alexander Supertramp. That left me thinking. I know that Supercamp was influenced by Supertramp in many ways. We all have a super hero within us. Now it’s time to embrace our super hero and save the world! Jeje!

And as for Naya, it’s my name Allan, spelled backwards and instead of using a double “L” I use a “Y” since in Spanish the sound of “LL” and “Y” are almost interchangeable. Naya is my Earth name.

For several years I have been writing and drawing and singing as ways to express myself and now I am on the journey of intentionally writing to the world. It is an experiment in itself but the truth is that I am really motivated to do it. I am inspired to share.

Also, my writing is not by itself as it used to, randomly flowing in and out existence when it was needed. Now my wife Elkita is supporting this project by helping me polish and present these creations. The collaboration is in full motion and the masterpiece has two artists right now. I call her the Alchemist or the Editor in western terms. She is not only that, she is also my Ground, my reference point, so I don’t get lost in the clouds.

We are harnessing this strong energy and we are letting it guide us through this adventure. Come on in! Join us! And let’s share perspectives and collaborate in our life journey. We are all one.  

The Dreamer and the Alchemist