Walking through the shadow and the alchemy of the body

Who am I? What is my voice? Where should I focus my energy? Overwhelmed and paralyzed by the to dos that I create in my head and at the same time grateful and privileged for the amazing life I have, being able to be close to my wife and our baby to come, to have a job that allows me to be close to my family and to be able to explore different projects I am passionate about. This is the space where I have been standing in the past days or weeks. A space where I am just focusing on the things that I know for sure, like my work and cooking, but not having the clarity to where I should engage my energy. Energy of connection, of service, of developing my own voice that could help others, of developing my/our life project, of engaging fully with life, wisdom, creativity, with my senses, with my intuition, with my voice.

Ironically enough, Elke is about to birth our baby and I feel like I am birthing myself.

In the past months I have been learning about babies and diseases and the purpose of diseases and how they play a role in the baby’s (and projecting it further, anyone’s) development. It seems that if a baby can go through all the stages of the disease it not only strengthens its immune system and makes it smarter, but the baby comes out on the other side with a new development in it’s being. For example, he/she starts talking or starts walking. This blew my mind. I have been extrapolating this theory to all my life. If I am able to go through disease or mental struggle without suppressing the symptoms, I will find myself further developed on the other side. Our bodies are alchemists, they turn disease into development and we do this since we are babies!

If you have any questions regarding the resources where I gather all this knowledge please shoot me a message. I am fascinated with what we are learning and would love to share it with you. Here I leave you with a couple:

That is all for today. Here I leave you with a drawing I made for our baby room. It has been the first drawing I made by request. Elkita requested it 😊. It is a Mullein plant of the same age as our baby. While being with the plant that we have in our garden, sitting by it and drawing it, I realized it grows in a spirally Fibonacci sequence which made me feel happy. The characteristic that I love the most about Mullein is that it grows in tough places, like sidewalk cracks, and it creates a soft smooth leaf. It creates softness out of tough places.

Mullein: Tough to soft.

Mullein: Tough to soft.

Blessing to all and happy Samhain (Halloween), when the veil between this world and the Otherworlds is the thinnest, so keep your senses open to the wisdom of the unseen. Here is a beautiful blog post from Asia Suler about it.