Tales and Rituals

Good morning family!!! It is a beautiful day here in Atenas, Costa Rica. The sun rose gently between the clouds creating a wide variety of colors in the sky that softly illuminated the room. We are so blessed to have the sun rise and shine straight into our window. Last night we opened up a little bottle of lavender essential oil that we rubbed on our hearts with Elke and the effects of the calmness stayed with us until the morning.

Lots has been happening these weeks, like the birth of Ellie Irie, interesting and profound conversations with Lauren and Chris, amazing and higher level connections with Elkita, Lupe passed her blood exam to go to Holland, we bought some hiking gear to climb Chirripo this next weekend and became friends with the Stone Mountain Outdoors store owner located in Santa Ana, Costa Rica and found a place to stay with a man that seems amazing in Enschede, Holland the first city where Elke will start her masters. All is aligned and magical. Another inspiring event was that we found our amazing friend Javi’s blog, chicobonanza, and have been reading it since. Javi has been travelling around South America for more than a year now and one of the ways of documenting his journey is through his blog. In his blog you can see his amazing talent of expression and you can also see how the mystic South America is already penetrating deep into his core. His blog tells travel tales that seem to be a mashup of reality and magical fictional mind reality created by the road and the mysticism of South America itself. Click on the link above and enter his magical world.

Javi is on his way north and there are great chances that we will see each other soon. I envision Naya and Chicobonanza collaborating in some way in the near future! Vamo arriba Chicobonanza! Que aventura y que linda manera de conocerse a uno mismo! Blessings!


Another amazing news, as I mentioned above, is that we are hiking the Cerro Chirripo this weekend. I am pretty excited. I have never been but I have heard that the mountain leaves you speechless and maybe breathless as well. Chirripo! Here we come! I always get a deep anticipation before doing a natural/spiritual trip. Aaaah!

Now, I sit here writing and sipping on my mate thankful for the beauty of life and in the different forms in which this beauty is delivered to us. This morning I was thinking about rituals. Daily rituals, like this one of drinking mate. Every mate is a groundation. Every sip warms you up and brings memories and feelings of togetherness. Daily or periodic rituals are the based line of life in which we then get to dance around. The base line dictates what the rest of the life dance can do or cannot do. Pick you rituals and follow through. Don’t sabotage yourself. Do what you know is important first. Trust your instincts. Follow through on the rituals you think are important in your life since these will structure it and if you do not follow through then you do not practice being righteous to yourself. First be real and righteous to yourself and then you can move outside of yourself. This last paragraph was inspired by the Birthing Creativity through the Pressures of Change post by Amateo Ra.

Some of my current daily rituals are:

  • Drinking water with lime in the morning to clean my lymphatic system.

  • Drinking mate or coffee to start the day. To anchor the start of my day.

  • Earthing, or rooting or grounding where I harness the Universe’s energy that comes in through my crown chakra or head, the flows through my body, through my legs and comes out through the soles of my feet and penetrates the Earth. This keeps me present and connected to the existence I am in right now, so I am not galactically travelling in my mind all the time.

  • Exercising to keep my temple vibrant.

  • Creating to keep my heart and mind flowing.

  • Eating healthy foods also to keep my temple vibrant.

Happy week everyone!