Focus on Each Step

I am grateful for life! The past two weeks and the entire year of 2015 have been a reminder of the beautifulness of this life. After thinking about the year's events, all the magical moments came with big build ups of high energy and hard work. These past two weeks have been a clear reminder of what life is about and the road we are all travelling through.

The prelude of the year was my engagement with the woman of my life. This was in November of 2014. Since we made the first connection back in College Station I knew I wanted to co create with her and build a life next to her. The engagement was beautiful! However it was preceded by the search of finding the perfect token to symbolize our union, which ended up showing up magically and having the courage of opening up to the deep wisdom in our hearts that we can do this together. Even the waiting for the ring to show up in the mail of my brother’s apartment in Miami the day that the engagement was meant to be, was a buildup of energy in itself. It barely made it! We got engaged, it was magical, in a lovely setting, with the universe conspiring for everything to turn out as it should. Trust the Being and the Universe. They will take you.

Engagement Evening

Then in March we got married! This was the most divine experience of union I have felt in my life! I probably have felt similar togethernesses when I was born and when my brothers got married. We could not have dreamt of a more spiritual and integral ceremony and celebration. Family was together, the angels were together, and friends were together, everyone sharing our union. The day and evening were perfect! Again the hard work preceded all this happiness. I went through long hours of work while the wedding was being planned. Elkita and her family worked really hard planning the wedding and worked hard through all their emotions to get everything right for that day. There was a lot of tough moments throughout all the planning and organization. And then, the day was pure light! Thanks to everyone who made that day possible.

After the wedding was the honeymoon, which had a lot of cycles of going through darkness and then coming into the light. That trip is a complete story in itself. All aspects of life could be seen in that trip.

To add to the annual celebrations my brother Chris married the love of his life, Marynes, again culminating the hard work of setting up the wedding with a beautiful and spiritual celebration, again full of friends and family coexisting together. I cannot summarize all the emotions I have been through this year. It’s beyond words.

No matter the struggle there is always that light that will shine through and this is the beautifulness of life, and I am thankful for it.

In these past two weeks the reminders of the beautifulness of life struck strong. Two weeks ago, our friends’, Chris and Lauren’s daughter, Ellie Irie, was born at our place. It was one of the most intense and magical experiences I have ever had. The birth was not a piece of cake and Lauren had to endure probably one of the toughest moments of her life before seeing and feeling the love of her daughter laying on top of her. After all the pain “I love you Ellie Irie”, were Lauren’s first words once Ellie was born into this world.

No matter the struggle there is always that light that will shine through and this is the beautifulness of life, and I am thankful for it.

Ellie Irie

Last weekend Elkita and I embarked on a quest to reach the highest point in Costa Rica. Cerro Chirripo. Again the preparations for the hike were not simple. But the tough part was the climb... and also the descent. The night prior to the ascent we stayed in a hotel at a little bit more that 1000 mts above sea level and at 5:30am on Friday we started our ascension. The hike was 14 km up hill to reach the base camp at an altitude of a little bit over 3000 mts above sea level.

The hike started ok. Our muscles and our mind were pumped up for the experience. The first 7 km were tough but they went by nicely. Our bodies and minds were still fresh and enjoying all the nature around us. It seemed like we still had a lot of gas in the tank. From there on the ascent became steeper and the air thinner. Muscles started getting tired and the mind started asking when was this going to finish. Then the body and mind went into a trance and the focus was just on the next step. All other worries were left behind. No mundane worries could infilter that focus, that human will to survive and to strive. 7 km later after a last hill called the Repentants, we saw the base camp! We had made it! The rest of the day we relaxed. The next day 2:30am we would wake up to do the final ascent to peak of the mountain.

Next morning we prepared mentally and also by layering up to be ready for the cold. At 3 am we started our walk up from the base camp. We all had our flashlights that showed us the way. One of our guides in front of the group leading the way and another one behind. We marched towards the top. Eventually the focus was on each step again. The muscles tired from the day before and the air even thinner. At around 6 am after a steep rock climb we reached the summit. Everyone made it! A sign of how magical human beings are and not matter the struggle or the toughness of the situation we will always make it to the top or to the light if we focus on each step. That day we ended up hiking up to another summit. The second highest peak in Costa Rica. Cerro Ventisqueros. Another peak over 3800 mts like Cerro Chirripo. The path to that summit was Lord of the Ringish! Seeing the world from up there puts everything into perspective. I cannot put into words what I felt in those moments. I was just being and I think we all were.

Path to Cerro Ventisqueros

The next day was the walk down. Again another challenge to complete the learning experience. Again I learned that we have to focus on each step of life because the road is what makes each and every magical moment worth it. The summit moments are beautiful but the steps to get there are the creators, the alchemists and the magical ones. The toughness and the hardship and the darkness of the path is the teacher, be present through it. The summit and the light are moments to let everything sink in and enjoy the beautifulness of life.

No matter the struggle there is always that light that will shine through and this is the beautifulness of life, and I am thankful for it.

To top off this beautifulness of life I just saw the entire footage of the shark attack Mick Fanning experienced during the final of the Jeffery’s Bay Surf contest in South Africa. Mick faced himself against a great white which pulled him side to side and under the water but ended up not harming him. After moments like this life takes on a completely different meaning.

Challenge yourself, trust yourself and trust the Universe. Here is where we find the meaning.

No matter the struggle there is always that light that will shine through and this is the beautifulness of life, and I am thankful for it.

Enjoy every step of the way.