Stop and look inside

Happy Friday family! What a week! Amazing things are happening. Tomorrow I start my Permaculture course, yoohoo! I am continuing with my herb studies. I just learned about Calamus, a powerful plant, and I am connecting with people with whom I might be able to form partnerships. Exciting times!

However, I am noticing that I am a little bit on the edge today. Accelerated. A little bit jumpy and reactive. I start looking inside to see what is up. Lately, Elkita and I have been eating really healthy to detox the body and consequently detox the mind and be more energetic and aware. We both know that we are moving into a high vibrational space, full of knowledge and action, where action and reaction merge, where synchronicity is the guiding principle, so we want to be Body, Mind and Spirit ready. My brother Chris and Infinite Waters recommend a plant based diet full of ALIVE food! So we are on that path. So, if we are on this path and there are incredible things happening all around, why I am still jumpy, why is my mind still finding things to get anxious about: “I have to prep for this talk with my Mom”, “I have to work more hours in my job to cover hours I didn’t work last week”, “I have to weed the garden”, “Does the landlord like me?”, “Does the gardener like me?” “I did not like how angry he got”, “I have to prepare food for tomorrow”, “Why don’t you speak up?”, “Why are you hiding your emotions?” Woooow, hold on, the mind is spinning in circles! By looking inside at this I realize some things. My mind is in overdrive and I do not have a handle on it. If I continue feeding it stuff, knowledge, thoughts, interactions I will continue to have it in overdrive. This overdrive is consequence of two things mainly. One is the detox. Since we are detoxing everything is coming out and all the body and mind addictions are showing themselves because they are not being fed anymore so they are screaming for attention. Just be present it is ok it is part of the process. And second, there are many things happening and there is much excitement which makes it difficult to disconnect. I have not meditated for a while and in every opportunity I get I try to absorb more knowledge. Again this sends the mind into overdrive. Time to start letting things sink in, letting the addictions go, ground and be present to continue this magical path. It is mediation time for me and time to give myself a nice warm hug.

Trust your Body, the Universe and all Existence. As I say, all your cells in your body already know what they need to do, so your whole Body and Mind and Spirit also know what they need to do. We just need to Be.

One of the teaching in the first limb of the Yoga principles called the Yamas, is Asteya, which means do not steal from the highest potential, do not cheat yourself, trust that at every moment you will have the right energy to achieve the task at hand no matter how hard or easy the previous one was. So this tells me that not everything needs to be done now and at the moment that each things needs to be done the right amount of energy will be available to perform.

Blessings family! Follow your heart it will guide you! It is already taking you :)