Evolving through Kindness - We decide

Here we go! Kindness. An evolutionary word. An act that humans are capable of performing at their own will, no matter the situation. Wow, that’s powerful! I feel like that is the real freedom. Kindness makes humans free! Well that is a quick blog post on kindness. Hehe.

To go into a little context regarding where my head is at. As some contemporary philosophers say, in each moment we have the choice to make decisions based on love or based on fear and we are the owners of these decisions, so, basically at each moment we can act based on love or based on fear. We decide. The funny part is that acting based on love will most likely be the scariest of the options until we get used to it and it becomes our norm. Similar to this concept, we can act based on kindness or we can act based on hurtfulness. We can also not act or act neutral, but where is the fun in that! The same way as we are free to act based on kindness, we are free to act on hurtfulness. Again it’s our decision.

So, since we are free to act in all these ways, some in my opinion way better that others, at all moments, why do we act based on fear or why do we sometimes act in hurtful ways? Strange right? And I think it is because we don’t know better. We have been isolating ourselves based on our minds perspective and we have been sheltering and protecting this isolation. We have been defending our ego and our possessions since these are the external manifestation of our ego. No worries. Our egos are so full of crap, thought-wise and material-wise, that they are becoming weak so they cannot manage existence anymore and our hearts are taking over again. And you know what this means? Deciding to act based on love and kindness. Connecting to the Oneness of Existence.

Now, use your imagination. Envision your reality where everyone is kind and acting based on love. Imagine everyone is grasping the opportunity to help out a fellow men or women or a fellow Earth being. I imagine waking up, cooking breakfast for my family with my family, taking the dog for a walk enjoying the weather and all living beings that I pass by. I imagine talking to the neighbor and talking about the interesting projects we are engaged in the community. I imagine the neighbor bringing a delicious extra lunch that she cooked. I imagine going to a friend’s house to help remove the old tree and turning it into a beautiful garden and then his wife offering us a delicious tea meal. I imagine my friend giving me some of his extra veggies that he has harvested and has in abundance. I imagine my wife cooking dinner and me turning on the fire for a cozy family dinner. I imagine getting together with friends and family to cook out and build an extra room in the house for the new baby that is coming. I imagine people engaging in projects for the good of the project result. I imagine people waking up in the morning and learning about herbs that they are really interested in, learning about natural cycles, learning about thermodynamics to build a personal dehydrator, learning about writing and singing to share songs and poems at the community’s poetry night. I imagine happiness and togetherness. But wait don’t stay with my imagination. Imagine yourself what it would be like. And you know what? It is possible. And you also know what? You can only change yourself. Take the power, decide to be kind to yourself and others and act on love. The universe will take care of the rest.

Last weekend the Creative Garden of Wageningen hosted a volunteer day at the garden and the community from the Amazing Grace Church came help out. It was a day full of sharing, laughing, cooking, connecting with nature, filling up the heart and getting a lot of fun work done. It was magical and real. Let’s make this imaginary world real! Take the leap of faith, jump through the scariness plane and be kind and love no matter what. You are free to do so.