All in one - Snapshot

Hello family! A lot has happened since we last talked. Things have not aligned for me to write lately but today is the day to get back to it. I have no idea what I will write about. I have some drawings that I have been doing that I might be able to share but other than that I see a blank canvas for writing below in this page.

A strange energy has come over me in the past couple of days. I have dreamt of enchantments, went to sleep one day trying to connect with my devil to help me understand what this energy and enchantment were about. Something is brewing in the esoteric world. I am listening and staying focused.

The days have been cold but beautiful. The sun has been shining every single day which is not normal here in the Netherlands based on what we have experienced up to now. So freezing and beautiful is what is going on right now. The plants inside are happy!

Notice the peanut butter (pinden kas in Dutch which translates to peanut cheese) jar in the drying rack...Gone!

Notice the peanut butter (pinden kas in Dutch which translates to peanut cheese) jar in the drying rack...Gone!

Last weekend there was an Agro-Ecology conference here are the Wageningen University and it was very exciting to see that there are many people looking into Agro-Ecology as a viable mainstream solution to reconnect with nature. Here is a little clip that I received later this week that might help clarify what Agro-Ecology is. It is not a term with a definition yet, but the conjunction of the words might give you an idea of what it is and could be.

In parallel to the conference, there was another event called Reclaim the Seeds in another building of the University. Here we had a booth for the Creative Garden of Wageningen. We had a booth to expose the Garden to the community since more and more we need help because the spring is coming and we want the community to be involved. The aim of the event was for people to sell and exchange natural seeds to maintain the propagation of natural seeds. It was a great opportunity to meet many interesting people that work with natural systems.

Last weekend we also travelled to Rotterdam to visit one of Elke’s uncles who was around for work and the experience was pretty amazing. We spent the afternoon walking in Rotterdam and searching for places to hide from the cold and where we could get some food and beers in us. This led to diving deep into earthly and philosophical talks. The subjects we went over covered work, different styles of living, nature healing, personal healing, orbs, spirituality and more. Deepness was the name of the game and it was a delightful and inspiring time in the middle of the misty and cold Rotterdam day.

There are also several other things happening. Elke and I found a new house in Bennekom that I am excited about. We signed a contract for a year so this will be our little nest/cave for the next year and that makes me happy. We move in March, so be ready for some go away and house warming get-togethers. In the Creative Garden, we are getting ready for the spring. As for Karma Tribe, it is having its first public appearance with a workshop in the Electronic Music of Jaco, Costa Rica, this weekend. The workshop is called “Kindness, Community and the Gift Economy” and it will be held in the yoga studio. Thanks Jackie for setting this up. Also, my Mom has her new blog called “Allowing to Be” where she describes her journey of inner transformation, check it out. And my Dad, is working on his permaculture garden. You can follow his project here.  We have also revamped the Wellness talks with Chris and myself are back up with all the energy! We had one about the Principles of Permaculture that you can see and listen here. Join us this Saturday at 11am CT for our next talk. The details will be posted in my Nayasupercamp page so come join as live. This week’s topic will be about Gut Health (talks are in Spanish for now). Also, I am now on Medium so you can follow some of my stories there.

Big hugs to all from the Netherlands! And keep planting the magical seeds!

As a last note:

“Trust yourself, your body already knows how to navigate through life, it breaths by itself doesn’t it?!”