Soul Mirror

Hello family!!! The Universe has blessed me with some beautiful insights about my insides. I have been eager to write all day and finally the moment has come.

So the topic I have ruminating all day is regarding relationships, and specifically one of the greatest teachings we can get out of a relationship.

Inevitably there are arguments in relationships. I don’t think I know of a relationship where arguments do not happen, however, what do these arguments mean? Why do they arise? In most cases people are in relationships because they care about each other, so couldn’t a relationship just go without arguments, completely accepting the other?

Being ok with oneself in a context of society might not be hard, especially if one can master some specific spiritual practices that work for them, however relationships are a completely different ball game.

One of the best advice I received regarding relationships was from humanitarian leader Vanessa Stone (check her Facebook page). She said that someone that becomes your partner in life is a messenger from God that comes to give you the most important teaching, so be completely open with them to fully receive the teaching. This resonated deep into my core and re resonated in me again today.

Going back to the arguments, there is a perfectly coherent reason for arguing in relationships and this is my take on it: our partner in the relationship becomes a mirror for ourselves. It gives us one of the clearest views of ourselves. Obviously not just ourselves physically but ourselves as a whole, all our loves and all of our fears, basically it is a mirror to our Soul and sometimes our Soul is covered by clouds that can be called fears and this is also reflected in this mirror. When we see the clouds or fears, our first reaction might be to deny them or in more extreme cases we might blame our partner for them. We blame them thinking that they are projecting that fear onto us. This creates the argument. The argument arises from a reflection of our own fear. And in most cases it’s the egos fear of dying as an ego. The truth is that our partner is just creating the reflection of our self. If we can stop and see, here lies the doors to heaven, because by seeing our fears, understanding our fears and then overcoming or going through the fears is how we enter the heavens. So instead of escalating the argument, pause, see and thank your partner for showing you the way to heaven or to your Soul. This is the teaching Vanessa was talking about. See the fears, accept them and plough through them. Welcome to Heaven.

Good night everyone! Enjoy the magic of life! It is in every corner!