Funneling In - New Connection Time

Hi Everyone! It has been a while since I write here. I have been taking a break from social media since it was becoming addictive and I wanted to step out to understand the relationship I wanted to have with it.

Many things have happened since my last writing. We have a dream to cross the Atlantic sailing with Elkita, I took a commercial sailing course with some amazing people in Enkhuizen, Netherlands, at the Enkhuizer Zeevartschool, which I finished, so now I have the certificate for the theoretical portion of being a competent mate, I still need to do the practice, I baked and sold sourdough bread for friends in my neighborhood, I am in the process of taking the Intuitive Plant Medicine course by Asia Suler, I have been in the Wachama Podcast (Wageningen Change Makers), I have been on Karma Tribe's Blissin' Out show, and last but at the highest energy, Elkita and I are pregnant! 6 months already and it has been a magical ride, and we are extremely happy of having the opportunity to have the baby here. The Netherlands has an amazing birthing system with caring midwives. Of course our sailing plans have changed a bit but the life motivation is ever so great. I am not going to lie. There are some days where the future gets me a bit anxious but at the same time Elke and I are getting motivated to work on exciting life projects and therefore I am back writing.

I want to start consolidating all the amazing wisdom that has been transferred towards me in all these years and transmit it in a way that is beneficial to others. I am ready for this!

Last week I realized that I have been blogging on and off for 12 years already! My first blog post (in Spanish) was August 4th of 2006 and my first consistent blog, Everybody Just Relax, started soon after. Now it is time to start bringing all these memories and teachings into a new space of sharing, compassion, understanding and healing.

Join me in this creative process. Here is a little singing gift for now :).

Blessings to you family, and until soon!