Nature Talks Series - Observe and Listen

I am going for another commitment! I love these! It is to document my nature and systems observations. I am in the middle of a permaculture course online and the number 1 principle in permaculture is to observe our eco-system before anything. I have been doing that lately and have learned a lot about the eco-system around and in our house here in Wageningen, Netherlands. For example I have been learning about herbs and how to identify them, I have been learning about the systems inside my house and thinking how each component could be setup or re-purposed to fulfill more than one function, and today I had a class about small bird calls to learn and understand what is happening in the eco-system based on the different bird call sounds. So I will start with that to instantly catch myself up.

This observing, hearing and learning practice has also re-connected me to meditation so there we go, functions start stacking into the same learning element. This activity made me create a Sit Spot outside which is another permaculture recommendation to be able to be, while doing the observation. My current Sit Spot is just an upside-down vase that is set right against our backyard window. Turned out to be very comfortable.


I sat outside twice. Both times Lupe with me.

The first time was right before noon. The first thing I noticed was that there were many bird chirps. At first they all seemed random. The second thing I noticed was that there was several little birds flying across the garden. I started noticing that the same birds were coming and leaving. I was still hearing all kinds of chirps. I could not distinguish any pattern based on what I had learned in my permaculture class. Chirps everywhere. See my reference notes below for the different small bird calls.

After sitting there for 5 minutes, the little birds started getting closer. I noticed they were standing on the ledge of the roof that was on top of me. I couldn't decide if they were analyzing me, or if they were aiming to shit on top of me, hehe, or if they just did not even care I was there, which I think is the least possible option. From the little research I did, I think the birds I saw most where Great Tits. There was 3 of them just jetting across the garden and into the leafless shrubs. They seemed young and playful. Great acrobats.

It was refreshing and nice to hear that there were so many birds and so much bird action outside. The learning and the peace that comes with just observing nature is something we take for granted but it definitely beats mindless scrolling though Facebook, hehe.

The second time I sat outside was around 3:30pm. The birds were gone and it was complete silence. It was still. I sat there for 20 min. The silence was magical.

For reference here are the types of calls small birds do. These will help me and you identify what the birds are communicating.

Blessings family in these festive times.